Seabin cleaning the waters at CIYC

By Jim Gates - 8 Nov 2017

A few months ago I saw a viral video about a new technology that would autonomously clean the ocean waters around marinas and harbours. As a glance it looked like someone had pulled a drain plug in the seafloor, water and debris falling into a whole in the ocean itself. On closer inspection I could make out the Seabin just under the surface of the water, water constantly spilling into a bucket with a filter and a small pump emptying out the filtered water.

Apparently I wasn’t the only one in Cayman to have the video cross my Facebook feed, a several months later, here I was standing on the dock at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club, watching the first unit in Grand Cayman being installed. It had caught the attention of Michael McWatt, the Managing director of Butterfield Bank, who helped initiate the partnership with Seabin to bring the unit to the Cayman Islands. As Seabin is a new technology, sponsorship by Butterfield has played important part in bringing the technology to market.

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