Cayman Cocktail Week 2017

By Jim Gates - 9 Nov 2017


Jacques Scott 


Participating Restaurants

Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort
Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman


Once again one of my favourite events of the year was an absolute success! Jacques Scott seems to out-do themselves every year for Cayman Cocktail Week with more and more elaborate parties, fresh recipes for delicious cocktails, and amazing food parings.

Cayman Cocktail Week spans the country and most restaurant participate in some fashion, if only with a signature cocktail for the week. Although I would have tasted them all if I could, the following are some of my favourite images from the events I was able to attend.


Il Mercatino

The Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort staged an intimate cocktail and food paring focussing on the tastes of Italy. I now have a new found love of Campari…



Appleton Bartending Competition

As chefs from around the island competed for prestigious honours at the Out of the Kitchen event held annually at the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, Cayman’s best bartenders vied for the the event’s title of Cayman’s best bartender. Sponsored by Appleton, the flavours of this magnificent Jamaican rum featured heavily in the participants recipes.


Don Julio Tequila Workshop

Persistent badgering pays off.
Simon Crompton, the Diagio brand embassador for Jacques Scott and a big fan of Don Julio Tequila, managed to convince Enrique De Colsa Ranero, the master blender of the famous tequila, to join us for Cayman Cocktail Week. I’m told Simon had to ask politely several times over many months to entice Enrique. Of course we can’t have someone like Enrique come all this way without talking a bit about his craft, so Jacques Scott hosted a Don Julio workshop at the Ritz-Carlton where Enrique taught participants about the subtleties of tequila and how to blend the right tequila with various ingredients to make outstanding cocktails.



Tarantino Dinner


Possibly my favourite event of Cocktail Week, each year Agua put on a four course themed meal. As usual, most people dressed in costume to match the theme. This year the theme was Quinton Tarantino. references to classics such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and others made this both a movie buff’s and a cocktail aficionado’s dream night.



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