Ally’s Senior Pictures

By Jim Gates - 5 Dec 2017

Ally has been coming to the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman every year for Thanksgiving since she was an primary school kid. Fast forward to 2017 and she’s busy planning to be a freshman at university next September. With Cayman being so near and dear to Ally’s heart, she was adamant about getting her senior portraits done here. We braved the mid-day heat to get the bright blue waters of Seven Mile Beach that are so quintessential of Cayman.

Shooting midday also offers some nice light under the shade of trees and awnings. It’s not for the feint of heart though – If you struggle with the heat and humidity and are prone to squinting you’re better off booking an early morning or late evening session. But with only one senior to shoot I had no reservations about braving the midday heat and I think it paid off!

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