A Fun Engagement with an Amazing Sunset

By Jim Gates - 22 Dec 2015

Andrew had the perfect plan! A romantic getaway at The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman sounded like a great vacation for Nina, who had no idea that Andrew had been planning an engagement for quite some time. Andrew had arranged a romantic dinner cabana on the beach. On Sunday at 5:30pm, he & Nina were going to 7 restaurant for their romantic dinner when Chris, the restaurant manager, said that their special table was not ready so he suggested they go for a walk on the beach and enjoy the sunset.

In the meantime, Jim and Sandra were playing the role of Ritz guests lounging on the beach, looking for the perfect angle to capture the moment when Andrew proposed to Nina without her knowing they were there. Jim and Sandra managed to capture it all on camera without Nina seeing them or suspecting a thing! After a few shots with the most beautiful sunset, they all headed to the beach cabana to capture some more of the magical moments with some bubbles! It was an amazing sunset for such a beautiful romantic proposal and we had so much fun photographing it. Congrats Andrew & Nina, you are a lovely couple!

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